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My name’s Callum [CaLxCyMru] Morris and welcome to my web space! This is my shop/portfolio of projects past and present that I have created and also contributed to. I am a 16 year old programmer from Wales, UK and aim to become a Computer Game programmer which my 6th form college will encourage and specialise in. I am fluent in English and Welsh – The native language of my country – and I believe this makes it easier for me to pick up new programming languages. Currently I know Java, HTML, Python and I am beginning to learn C++ and C#. On my website you can find project's I have been a part of and also work and projects I have completed for other customers, with their honest opinion of my work, the time it took and also how professional the whole process was!
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This is an example of a mini game plugin I have created. It has Automatic Arena creation. This means that the game’s reset themselves and also the plugin handles inventories – before, during and after the game and a lot more automatic feature, also the ability to add an unlimited amount of spawn points to the arena!

The objective of the game is simple – Throw snowballs, buy gear,snowballs and also perks to help you win your battles! There are currently 5 types of Snowballs, 5 Typs of Gears and 4 unique perks to help you defeat your enemies! The lives system allows for quick, challenging games which could have any outcome! The game has its very own currency – SnowPoints! SnowPoints allow you to purchase everything and anything in SnowBrawl This may contain SnowBalls right up to New perks. 

Need a Bukkit Plugin?

If you need a bukkit plugin, I offer exellent deals for everyone!
I offer discounts for returning customers that means if you have purchased a plugin or other service from me, you will get a discount on your next purchase! Simple! There are also discounts for referrals. If you have purchased a product of me, and you refer a friend you will receive a discount the next time you purchase a product from me!

How does the process work?

So, how? Its simple. You submit a plugin request at the bottom of the page, I will contact you via the supplied contact method(s) to discuss the finer details of what you need and also tell you if I can forsee a problem with your request.

As soon as we agree on the project specifics, I will start developing the plugin. The process will unfold infront of you. You will have private access to my test server where you can see your plugin developed right before you. You can also recommend changes as the plugin is being developed – this creates a much more interactive experience and allows you to customize the plugin to your liking. You can also test the features before you purchase to make sure that you are happy with the plugin and you think that it is fit for purpose.

If you require a custom package, may it only be a really small plugin feel free to contact me and we can sort out a custom package that suited for you.
Plugins will only be sent once the customer has agreed they are fit for purpose and then payment has been received. 
All purchases are final, and no refunds will be given after you have received the plugin.

The rights to the plugin will be mine until I have recived payment.


Contact me

If you are interested in purchasing a plugin from me, or have any questions please fill out this form. You MUST contain in depth detail on what you would like, your Skype name and also the timescale you would like the plugin finished. 
If you would like a custom package, please select custom from the drop down menu and in your plugin description including a target price.  
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Payment must be received before any
finalised plugin/project is sent, there will be NO refunds after this time.

If you would like to ask me a question or talk to me before you place an order feel free to contact me using one of the below contact methods.
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Skype – CaLxCyMru